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About US

KEEP CREATING is a design studio that provides graphics, illustrations, fashion trend research and communicates the concept/image of your Brand in the digital world.

Hi! We are Filipe and Gabriela.
With an extensive background in marketing and fashion design, our team offers a commercially informed creative approach.

We are committed to ensuring we always stay true to our values, we want to connect with other designers and continue to inspire each other.


With extensive experience in design and marketing, we offer our clients a creative and commercial approach.

We make sure to always stay true to our values, we want to connect with others and continue to inspire each other.

We're pride of our creations, principles, research and detail that go into our work.

KEEP CREATING is a Portuguese company that works mostly online. All our files are fully editable and we also sell copyrights.

But of course sometimes we need to go into more detail and respond with specific needs. For that you can meet us at our studio so we can talk in person and get to know each other.

We want to be connected with the world. Working and sharing creative ideas.



Bearing in mind, teleworking has become so popular in the industry. And the environment as well the health is a hot topic in society. We believe in a new way of working in the future.
Designers have seen the benefits of working from home:
-Losing less time in traffic.
-More flexibility in there's schedules.
-And more important,  less stress in the workplace.
Companies from the other hand benefited in:
-Lower cost with physical space, as well as reduced on office supplies.
-Less delays or inconveniences due to not showing up for work or arriving late.
-And they are still indirectly responsible for the reduction of gas emissions caused by traffic. However dynamics, community, interaction and communication can be very challenging.
That´s  why we create a design studio dedicated in helping people connect globally.  


We have a dynamic team, experienced in working with international people and multinational companies.

We have strong design skills and trends to offer.

We help small business creators/designers sell their products.

We believe in teamwork and are passionate about multicultural design.

We're based in Portugal, a strategy place that allowed easy connection with Europe, America and Middle East.

In Portugal, we can offer a competitive price with a European quality.


Our team specialises in graphic design for marketing and fashion but, increasingly, the way fashion communicates has become very digital, so we couldn't miss this opportunity and took the plunge into digital communication.

We offer a variety of illustrations/graphics, layouts, graphic communication supports, image editing and photography to be used and commercialised.

We select the ideal raw material for your product and give you instructions on how to build it to get the end result you want.

We create fashion collections and trend books, without forgetting to analyse the competition.

We offer individual and specific graphics or collections on demand, with inspiring mock ups and moodboards.

Within our graphic library, you can also find graphics for logos, brochures, presentations and packaging. And if you wish, we can rebrand your brand, create content and help manage your website and social networks.

If you'd like to keep up to date with any of our projects, you can find us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok.

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