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Let's create a strong visual identity for your brand.

Together we create a strategy after analysing your goals, concept and competition.

Using consistent colours, fonts and design elements across all your branding materials for easy recognition.

We develop a unique brand voice.

Including the tone, language and personality you use throughout your communication with your audience.

We are consistent across all channels and touchpoints to reinforce your message and create a cohesive brand experience.

We believe in meaningful brand engagement

Let's talk about your brand!

Marketing gets you noticed. Strategy gets you remembered

Dani Martinez, Founder and CEO of Strategea


What to expected from us.

Design de logotipo

Logo, businesses cards, identity 

We rebrand your brand with new logos, business cards, sticker,packaging, bages, you name it.

Everything to make chore your brand have a consistent and easy to recognized identity 

Site de casamento

Design your dream Website

We design templates and make mock ups for you website. This way you can visualize the final result before you even start developing your website

Aplicativos de viagens

Social Media Manager

It's hard to keep track of all social media accounts, we can help you with that by proposing new layouts and managing your posts. We agreed and plan the content to be posted the following days.

- We take and edit pictures 

- Make reals and videos 

- Advertising and publicity 

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